Can I Burn Japanese Knotweed Waste

Can I burn Japanese Knotweed waste at home?

Yes a private property owner can burn Japanese Knotweed waste on private land but you must take great care in doing so.

If you’re tackling the dreaded Knotweed on your own land and plan on sending it to hell you need to follow these steps after it’s undergone a course of weed killer.

  1. Collect every little peace you cut off the plant, every stem, every leaf, all of it.
  2. Dig out the crown out and all the thick rhizomes as much as you can.
  3. Leave all the material out to dry on a waterproof surface making sure any material will not be washed off by rain or blown off by wind.
  4. You must burn all the waste on the land the weed came from, you MUST NOT move it onto any other land to burn, you will face large fines and in some cases a possible prison sentence if you’re found transposting Japanese Knotweed.
  5. Anything left from the fire other than ash you must burn again. A Japanese Knotweed crown is known to survive multiple fires.
  6. Return to the site monthly in the growing season for the next 5 years ready to treat with weed killer.