Can Japanese Knotweed stop you from getting a Mortgage

Can Japanese Knotweed stop you from getting a Mortgage?

Yes it most certainly can.

Some UK mortgage lender outright refuse to lend on property or land is Japanese Knotweed is present even if a control and eradication program and report is produced. Other lenders will look closley at the surveyors report to determine whether the infestation of Knotweed poses a significant risk to the property you’re buying.

These lenders will want to see a professional control and eradication programe in place along with a 5+ years guarantee after the control and eradication programe has finished before they’ll make mortgage offer.

If you (as the buyer) suspect the property or land has knotweed present but it failed to show on your buyers survey you must raise this matter with your lender before preceding.

You may be liable for the cost of an indipentat survey if the lender and seller insist it’s not there.