Can I sell my house with Japanese Knotweed

Can I sell my house with Japanese Knotweed?

Yes you can sell your home but please read the following:

Seeing that you’re here and reading this page you must be thinking about selling your home and you’re concerned about having Japanese Knotweed on or near your land.

If you put your house on the market and you except an offer, your buyer will always have some type of property survey conducted on the property and the land it sits on. If the surveyor discovers Japanese Knotweed on or within 7 meters of your property boundry you will most likely lose the sale of you house or you’ll have discount the price to cover the cost of 3-5 year professional control and eradication program.

Unfortunately some mortgage providers will refuse outright on any property affected by Japanese Knotweed and they will not except DIY control methods as security against a loan. The most will lend after more extensive surveys and production of a control and eradication program operated by a qualified business.

At present there is no legal requirement to report its presence of Knotweed on land but as the seller it’s your legal obligation to disclose the presence of Japanese Knotweed on your property if you know about it, failure to do so could lead to a legal claim of misrepresentation could be brought against you.

You should be as honest as possible with your Estate Agent and any potential buyers of your property.

The best course of action is to contract a local specialist company to provide an eradication program and report before you put the house on the market.