Claremorris Japanese Knotweed Plant Scrapped

Japanese Knotweed irelandPlans for a new Japanese Knotweed clearing and processing plant in the Claremorris area of County Mayo in the west of Ireland have been scrapped

Local residents of the Brookhill area of Claremorris were firmly firmly opposed to the planned site stating clear environmental concerns.

The Killorglin based Japanese Knotweed clearing company had plans for a full recovery facility and had made a formal proposal to the local Mayo County Council, the firm sort a 15 year lease on a quarry where they planned to treat Japanese Knotweed contaminated soil and stone.

for Japanese Knotweed in the Claremorris area won’t be going ahead, it has been confirmed.

However it has been anoced that in the face of local stern opposition to the planned site, the Killorglin company have scrapped their plan for the site.

Japanese Knotweed invasive plant and a major nation wide programme underway eradicate the plant. Japanese Knotweed is very difficult eradicate and many people don’t know that over time the plant can cause structural damage to property by cracking pavements and undermining building foundations.