Cornwall Couple Sue Pensioner Over Japanese Knotweed

A Cornwall Couple sue pensioner over Japanese Knotweed encroachment from her land in a legal case on the Cornish coast.

Local land owner Mrs Rosemary Line aged 74, has been taken to the court by Adam and Eleanor Smith legal dispute over the encroachment of the destructive Japanese Knotweed in which they say has started growing on their land.

cornwall japanese knotweed

Blue = Smiths Plot
Pink = Lines Plot
Green = Location of Knotweed

In the fresh legal case both parties blame each other for allowing to spread across the property boundry.

Mr & Mrs Smith, both aged 43, bought their dream costal three-bed detached home for £200k in the small seaside resort of Craignish, in Maenporth, Cornwall, from local land owner Mrs Line just over 15 years ago.

In this sale land owner Mrs Line kept a large plot of land that boarders Mr & Mrs Smiths house, in which the Smiths claim that the destructive weed has been present on Mrs Lines land for over 20 years and now appears to be growing on their land, including the driveway of Mr & Mrs Smith’s house.

The Smiths claim that they have lost upto 10% of the value of their costal home that has been estimated to be worth £500k on today market.

The couple claim that the Japanese Knotweed in now growing on their land and causing them a nuisance.

Mrs Line, who is representing herself in this legal case stated that she has done everything possible to stop the spread of the weed from her land the the Smiths and over the past 15 years she has sprayed the Japanese knotweed with herbicide, cut and burned the weed and utilised the services of the local council. She also stated that she has now entered into a contract with a local Cornwall Council contractor, Cormac Ltd to complete an annual insured Japanese knotweed maintenance programme.