Shepway Council plays down Japanese Knotweed discovery

The dreaded Japanese Knotweed has been discovered along the Royal Military Canal footpath that boarders a proposed new Princes Parade development site of 150 homes and leisure complex in Seabrook, Hythe.

Local Shepway Council are playing down the discovery of Japanese Knotweed on the ex-landfill site thats been earmarked for development. Online media reports state that Shepway Council said the invasive weed is far enough away from the site as not to encroach on any new homes in the near future.

It is also understood that Shepway Council had publicly denied that japanese knotweed was growing on the Princes Parade land back in February 2017 and said that an outbreak of the invasive weed was removed from the site more than 10 years ago.

A member of a local campaign group called Save Princes Parade published the news online, campaign group member Mr Geoff Burrell said he took a photo of the plant three metres from the boundary of the development site, stating that it’s extremely likely that the plant has spread among the shrubs on the Princes Parade site and that it looks like the plant has come out sideways from the development grounds, from under the ground and on to the bank.
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Local property sales manager at Ward and Partners Estate Agents in Folkestone Mr Alex Quaglin said: “If japanese knotweed has been identified on a site it is likely to return, so most mortgage lenders will refuse to lend because of the risk. The plant is a nightmare.”

Here’s a video of the proposed Princes Parade develoment site where Japanese Knotweed is growing.